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Puppies For Sale 


You might be asking yourself, What in the world is a Porsky? We don't blame you for not knowing the name of these gorgeous creatures, since I did just make it up. These puppies are the result of a Corgi known by Nilufer and a Pomsky named Aspen. Meet their litter here.

Puppies For sale


With the intelligence of a Husky and the fluff of a Pomeranian these dogs are the most loyal I've came across. Thanks to their small size they are perfect for indoor and outdoor. The sire Aspen is a second generation Pomsky while the dam Luna is a Pomeranian Mix. Get to know there litter here.

Our Services (COMING SOON)

Our priority is finding our puppies nothing less than a perfect home. We always knew we'd get attached to the litters, however it wasn't until now that we've realized how heartbreaking it'll be when the day comes. We really wish we could keep them all, but since that won't be happening we've decided that the next best thing would be to try and remain in touch with their forever families. That's where our Services come in.


Upgrade your backyard with our stunning Bird Feeders, or get your dog unique and modern looking dog house.  Select from our shops inventory or send in a custom design for a quote!


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